Breeze Newspapers voted us 'Best New Restaurant' and 'Best Casual Fine Dining' of Cape Coral for 2014!  Thanks to them and to everyone who voted. 

“Lovely place. Very friendly staff . . . Go with confidence. They’re a great addition to our local restaurant scene.”
— James L.W. via Facebook
“Terrific meals accompanied by great service. ”
— Linda H. via Yelp

The Arts & Entertainment section of the April 2 issue of the Fort Myers Florida Weekly carried a review by Drew Sterwald.  It was a wonderful review, and we'd like to say 'Thanks' for taking the time to come in with friends, and for his thorough review of Slate's.

“Awesome! And I lived in on the North-Shore of Lake Pontchartrain for over 20 yrs!”
— Susan T.C. via Facebook
“Amazing food and amazing service!!!! The pork chop, New Orleans Pasta and Chicken & Dumplings are delicious!! Gumbo is the best I have ever tasted!”
— Michelle A. via Foursquare

The highly-anticipated Jean Le Boeuf review was printed in the February 28 issue of The News-Press.  At the time, we were too nuts to worry about when the infamous secret reviewer would pay us a visit, having only been opened less than two months.  But when the issue of The News-Press hit the stands, we couldn't wait to read how we fared.  Thankfully, our hard work was paying off, and he/she gave us an awesome review!  We were super appreciative.  Thanks, Jean!

“All I can say is the food is just awesome, by far the best I’ve had since moving to the Cape over 12 yrs ago. Great food, brilliant service and just loved the ‘flower-pot’ bread!”
— Cee B. via Facebook
“This place shouldn’t be missed while dining in the Cape!”
— Cody W. via Yelp

On January 8 we got our first write-up, which was very exciting for Allan and Nancy, and the entire staff.  A big 'Thank You' to Amy Sowder over at The News-Press.  We were happy that our little restaurant was able to get some press so that people could begin to know who we were and what we were trying to accomplish at Slate's.